TAIWAN WEI-SEN-GIFT CORPORATION was established in 1998 formally , WEI-SEN two word German vocabulary of the purpose of the word (big and full of trees ) is the clever and intelligent symbol, it is believed that our management idea will brought the next century, one kind of many choices of clever consumers are and surprised, the gift gift combines a kind of intelligence result of the modern science and technology and art especially, hope to bring and consume different arts of giving a present of masses to hope on the type of operation through our most professional accomplishment, WEI SEN GIFT adheres to the cordiality and distant view to network science and technology, and stand fast at the idea of ‘ sincerity ‘, give the customer the best service definitely, emphasize that the coordination with the customer links up cooperation, assess in accordance with each of different purchase demands of customer and intact enterprise planning, offer and upgrade and research and develop constantly when when on the goods, combine its professional knowledge , technology and people pulse resource, expect to offer service of to each best customering. For answer WEI SEN GIFT several arrival of era turn into, e-mail is asked for free to welcome to have company firm name needed to come with the organ!

Have already become the mainstream in future informationization and globalization, every enterprise cooperates in conformity with the orientation pluralism- the multi-level division of labour but not even if one group and company can monopolize the market , WEI SEN GIFT will set up perfect two-way logistics channel with the each big famous brand of the world more actively in view of this, easy to offer consumer latest – most fast- most intact consumption information, network act biography of information is it is it break traditional region limit of market to circulate to answer, 24HR offers you to be on sale throughout the mechanism intactly, so it is a common goal of the manufacturer of each enterprise to march toward the goal that e-commerce globalizes. But Taiwan (gift) the trade stay in traditional market on sale throughout mechanism is it apply enterprise’s noumenonn to internet network really to failing also, search out several (gift) companies in the network once in a while but only limited to serving local consumers, but the global market is greater than our country and local market, businesses opportunity are many, all these are irrefutable fact, but market observer points out , if enterprises want to be growing up , maintaining the competitiveness constantly, it is the unavoidable way to expand the overseas market.

With the 21st century, the digitisation , arrival of cybertimes, WEI SEN GIFT promotes the development of every new undertaking actively with the idea. Now, we are as promoting the activity program in the 21st century in ‘ new century , thinking newly , new challenge ‘, and one can implement and take action with group’s intelligence , in the future, we will be with more sincere heart, contribute the society, and reach the expectation that the customer is most satisfied with enterprises. WEI SEN GIFT is after growing up oneself, more absorbed with all strength, will pour into the energies , to strengthen the customer trust to our company. Our company, in order to meet consumer’s demands with international and famous day , American transnational enterprise, whether or offer you the domestic enterprise’s cooperation of having equal reputation immediately the latest – fastest- the most secure goods and the most intact fashion information.

Hope that the friend who has an opportunity to come here can tell us your valuable suggestion , we will do in order to manage important index in the future we will thank you for your messages here!



tel:886-6-2217541  fax:886-6-2280492






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